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Our Lady of Charity

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

October 7, 2022

Dear Parents,

Thank you to the many parents who came to parent-teacher conferences last week. 85% of our students had a parent here. If you were unable to make it, you can always email the teacher to get a progress update or to make an individual appointment for a meeting. Email addresses are listed on our website:

OLC had a terrific Cross Country season this year. Our Runner of the Week at the championship meet last Saturday at Lewis University in Romeoville was 8th grader Aaron Verdin. It was great to see how all the runners improved each week.

Congratulations to all of them:

5th grade boys:

Marcos Macias

Michael Rodriguez

5th grade girls:

Isabella Alvarez

Cynthia Gomez

Amaya Muñoz

Victoria Pineda

Penelope Sandoval

Marianna Sastoque

6th grade boys:

Abdiel Preciado

Angeldavid Zambrano

6th grade girls:

Karina Alvarez

Aina Camacho

Yatzil Garcia

Ariana Godinez

Joselyn Gonzalez

Isabella Mata

Sara Meza

Isabella Tovar

7th grade boys:

Marlon Martinez

Zadkiel Preciado

Jose Robles

7th grade girls:

Emely Avalos

Camila Garcia

Zoe Garcia

Jolee Lopez

8th grade boys:

Dean Cundari

Christian Navarro

Jesus Santos

Ignacio Serrano

Aaron Verdin

Last Monday our 2nd and 3rd graders enjoyed beautiful fall weather on a field trip to Fullersburg Woods Nature Education Center in Hinsdale. They explored Salt Creek and old Graue Mill, and saw chipmunks, frogs, and a red cardinal — the state bird of Illinois!

Our Fall Raffle began this week: Each OLC family is responsible for selling 10 raffle tickets for $25 each. The drawing is on Nov. 21. The prize is $500 cash or a full month's tuition.

Are you planning to have your 3rd - 8th grade child make his or her 1st holy Communion this school year? If so, email me or call Mr. Infante in the office no later than Mon., Oct. 17.

Moving forward, the sacrament of confirmation will be conferred in 8th grade at OLC. If you would like your 8th grader to receive this sacrament this year, please let Mr. Infante or me know by Oct. 17. You can complete VIRTUS training online in about an hour:

Important dates:

Monday, October 10: No school

Thursday, November 10: High School Fair at OLC, 6:00 - 7:30 pm. All the Catholic high schools in the area will have representatives here to talk to parents.

Yours in Christ,

Frank S. Zarate, Jr., Ed.D. Principal

(708) 652-0262


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