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Dear Parents,

Commit to Family Prayer: Throughout the Easter season, commit to gathering together for nightly prayer and devotions. Praying as a family is an essential part of celebrating the Easter season. Gathering around the table and sharing our prayers helps us grow closer to God and to one another. Choose a time that works best for your family, whether it is before you have dinner together, or before bedtime.

OLC band has been a great success this year. Thank you to our wonderful band director, Mr. Rodolfo Hernandez from Cuerdas Clásicas who has inspired our students with his patience and his instruction. We are having a concert in church at 7pm on Wed., Apr. 27. All are invited to see the our band members perform.

2nd grade boys and girls making their 1st holy Communion on May 7 will wear their 1st Communion dresses/ outfits AGAIN for the OLC “Ribbon Mass” on Thurs., May 19, at 1:00. Parents are invited.

An artist from the National Museum of Mexican Art in Pilsen will be providing art lessons to 6th and 7th grade students: two lessons per week for each grade over the next 5 weeks. Be sure to ask your child about their projects. I’m sure they will be magnífico.

People from Bethlehem Gifts in Joliet will be at OLC on April 30 and May 1 to offer their products. They sell hand crafted olive wood from Bethlehem, handmade religious gifts, and blessed holy gifts. They guarantee that their gifts are from the Holy land, and they certify that all materials used in gifts are olive wood, mahogany, abalone, or mother of pearl, from the Holy land.

Remember that the FACTS application deadline is April 30. If anyone needs assistance with the application or setting up a payment plan, contact Candelaria Rosales to set up an appointment.

Friday, May 6: Walk-a-thon! Our Lady of Charity will be having a walk-a-thon for grades PK - 8. This is one of our last fundraisers of the year. Let's have some fun! More details to follow.

Get VIRTUS training to volunteer: Go to our website for info:

Important dates: Friday, April 15 - Sunday, April 24: no school; Easter break Wednesday, April 27: OLC band concert in church at 7:00 pm

Thursday, April 28: all school Mass at 1:00, with baptism and 1st holy Communion celebrated for selected students; parents invited Saturday, April 30: confirmation Mass at noon (with 1st holy Communion for selected students); deadline to submit FACTS application Saturday, May 7: 1st holy Communion for 2nd graders at noon Friday, May 27: last day of school for 8th graders Wednesday, June 1: 8th grade graduation in church at 7:00 pm

Happy Easter! Frank S. Zárate, Jr.,

Ed.D. Principal (708) 652-0262


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