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October 21, 2021

Dear Parents,

Halloween: The children will celebrate Halloween here at school this year. Costumes are allowed. COVID masks must be worn inside, but no Halloween masks. Children may bring treats, but homemade food is prohibited; only packaged treats. Volunteers are allowed.

Financial aid procedures at OLC are changing, due to changes in personnel. Questions concerning financial aid are best addressed in person or by phone on Mondays and Thursdays. We will soon have a new email address where your questions can be sent directly. Please call the office or email me if you need a FACTS payment change date. These changes often require one week advance notice.

Reminder: all miscellaneous billing fees are charged to FACTS, including school band and aftercare.

Popcorn Sale: each family is responsible for selling $100 of popcorn. Thank you for your support of our school. The fall sale ends tomorrow at 9am. Ice cream and out of uniform day for all students if we reach our goal!

Instagram: For years psychologists have been warning the public that social media, and Instagram in particular, were contributing to large increases in depression and anxiety in teenagers, especially girls. Facebook recently paused the development of their “Instagram Kids” project after their own research found a link between poor mental health and Instagram use: “Teens blame Instagram for increases in the rate of anxiety and depression.” How are your children using social media?

1st holy Communion will be held on Sat., May 7 (time TBD) for OLC students. First Communion photos will take place on Sat., Apr. 9, at 9am. Get your first holy Communion apparel on time for pictures!

Volunteer hours are mandatory. Go to our website for all the info: olc-school.org

Important dates: Wednesday, October 27: 8th grade field trip to the Illinois Holocaust Museum in Skokie. Wednesday, November 3: Early dismissal (30 minutes before the regular time) Wednesday, November 10: VanGogh photo retakes

Thursday, November 11: High School Fair at OLC, 6:00 - 7:30 pm. All the area Catholic high schools will have representatives to talk to parents and students in Halpin Hall.

Yours in Christ, Frank S. Zárate, Jr., Ed.D. Principal (708) 652-0262 fzarate@olc-school.org

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