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Our Lady of Charity School Newsletter

August 25, 2023

Dear Parents,

Welcome back to school! Thank you to the many parents who were able to come to our meeting last night.

Next week students in grades K - 8 will take their iReady Diagnostic test. This is a standardized test in math and reading that will provide us with a starting point for instruction this year, and it will allow us to measure their growth in math and reading over the course of the school year. Feel free to contact your child’s teacher for test results, and make sure your child gets plenty of sleep for the best test score.

Do you know anyone with a rototiller that can till our little fenced garden on the south side of the church. We are preparing it for a school garden for grades 1, 2, and 5. If you know someone who can rototill it for us, or if you would like to assist the children and their teachers with planting, please contact me by next week! We hope to plant fall vegetables that can be harvested before winter.

We are having a Dress Down Day to celebrate Labor Day on Thursday, August 31. Students can wear red, white and blue instead of their uniforms that day. $2 to participate. Funds will be used for the school garden.

Flea Market: We are having a flea market to benefit the school, and will be renting out spaces that are about 10ft x 10ft in OLC's field on September 23 and 24. It is $30 for one day and $50 for both days, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. If you would like to rent a space, please contact Yashica Zuniga: We will also be taking donations: slightly used clothes, toys, furniture, so clean out your garage! This is an opportunity for parents to do volunteer hours as well.

Important dates:

August 26 - 27: Parish Festival. Live music, food, games, and raffle. Aug 26 from 4 - 10PM; Aug 27 from 9 - 9PM at St Mary of Czestochowa, 3010 S. 48th Ct.

Monday, September 4: Labor Day (no school)

Yours in Christ,

Frank S. Zarate, Jr., Ed.D.

Principal (708) 652-0262


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