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Newsletter of May 7, 2021

May 7, 2021

Dear Parents,

Do you find it challenging to take young children to Mass? You’re not alone! Here are some practical suggestions:

Sit as close to the front as possible, where children have the opportunity to observe the action of the Mass.

During Mass, quietly point out key moments: “We’re kneeling because Jesus is here in a special way.”

Invite participation.

Give them something appropriate to look at: a religious picture book or holy card, or a favorite stuffed animal. The animal can be encouraged to participate in Mass, too. Some people give children religious coloring books, although if you do this, bring just a few crayons.

Promise a small reward for children who meet certain minimum standards of behavior.

Introduce your child to the priest.

Play Mass at home.

Adapted from Our Sunday Visitor

Parent volunteers are needed to help with Olympic Day (an outdoor activity day for grades 1 - 8) on Friday, May 21, and also for an 8th grade outdoor picnic on Monday, May 24. Email me ( or phone Mrs. Avalos in the office if you can help out: 708 652-0262 ext. 201. Due to COVID-19, we cannot accept food donations this year for Olympic Day. Each student in grades 1 - 8 is asked to contribute $3 for the cost of lunch.

Registration for the 2021-2022 school year is open. Refer a new family and you can have your tuition waived for one month next school year (certain conditions apply). If you need financial assistance, please fill out the FACTS application. Funds are limited.

Summer school dates are June 14 - July 15, Mon. - Thurs., from 8am - 2pm. Before and after care is available. Phone the office to register or for more information.

Important dates:

Saturday, May 8: first holy Communion at 9am in the church. Each family will have one pew to accommodate the student and four guests.

Friday, May 21: Olympic Day!

Friday, May 21: Extended care — any parent who would like to continue to participate in extended care after this date will need to pay in person; FACTS accounts will not be billed.

Tuesday, May 25: last day of school for 8th graders

Friday, May 28: 8th grade graduation at 7pm in the church. Each graduate may invite three guests.

Thursday, June 3: last day for hot lunch

Friday, June 4: last day of school; 11:30 dismissal

Here are four outstanding 8th graders. ’Til we meet again!

Leylane Jaimes

What High School are you going to next year?

Our Lady of Tepeyac

What was your most memorable moment at OLC?

Going to church and field trips

One word to describe OLC:


What are your plans/goals for the future?

To attend Santa Clara University and become a


Kandy Martinez

What High School are you going to next year?

St. Laurence

What was your most memorable moment at OLC?

There are many memorable moments that I have experienced from my 8 years at OLC, but some that that I am truly great full for, is experiencing going to mass every week as a school, praying every single day, and participating in Catholic activities that will strengthen my relationship with God. OLC provides their students to enrich their Catholic faith, and that is gift many students don’t have access to. Unfortunately, many kids don’t even know what praying is, or who even God is, but OLC gives us the opportunity to learn about all of this. Every day is a memorable experience at OLC, and even though my time here will end, I know OLC is, and will always be a big part of my life.

One word to describe OLC:


What are your plans/goals for the future?

I plan to attend Catholic schools after I graduate from OLC, because I want to continue to increase my Catholic Faith in years to come. I love writing. Ever since I learned how to write, I wrote pages and pages about anything that came to my mind. Due to this, I would like to participate in many writing courses or classes they offer in High school. I want to be a great writer, and maybe one day publish my own book. I am not sure what I would like to be in the future, but I know my time will come. I will definitely continue with art and volleyball, because I believe it is a good hobby to distract my mind off things when I am stressed. I know for a fact that I will lead my kids on the right path to be followers of God, and I will give them the same opportunity I was given to strengthen my faith in God as a child. As for right now, these are the only plans and goals I have in mind, but if God has a different path for me, then his wish is my command.

Juliocesar Macias

What High School are you going to next year?

Cristo Rey

What was your most memorable moment at OLC?

Art Club

One word to describe OLC:


What are your plans/goals for the future?

Finish high school and go to college. Get married and have kids

Christopher Bruno

What High School are you going to next year?

Morton West

What was your most memorable moment at OLC?

The activities and my classmates

One word to describe OLC:

What are your plans/goals for the future?

Real estate or architecture

Yours in Christ,

Frank S. Zárate, Jr., Ed.D.


(708) 652-0262


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