Recognizing the need to develop the whole child, Our Lady of Charity School is dedicated to academic excellence in a Catholic environment.  We believe that this environment must fulfill five pillars of excellence: Catholic Spirit, Academic Excellence, Collaborative Leadership, Community Focus, and Commitment to Service.

Catholic Spirit

Students are called to become holy by witnessing to the Gospel message. They learn the traditions of the Catholic Church in order to help them grow in their faith. Students and staff are actively involved in the life of the parish, attending the Sunday celebration of the Eucharist in conjunction with their involvement in the various parish organizations.

Academic Excellence

Our Lady of Charity School is a beacon of excellence in the western suburbs. Students are challenged to acquire knowledge and pursue truth. Our Lady of Charity offers academic programs that inspire the intellect and maximize the potential of each student to gain the requisite knowledge, concepts, and skills to become thinking, productive, responsible citizens.

Collaborative Leadership

Our Lady of Charity School is in the business of developing human potential. We value our staff as the lifeblood of the school. Our Lady of Charity is a sought after teaching institution that exemplifies the highest professional standards and innovative instructional practices. Faculty and students alike are challenged to assume leadership roles, not only in the school, but in the parish and community as well.

Community Focus

Our Lady of Charity is committed to fostering an informed community where all members feel heard, supported and involved. Involved parents will serve as catalysts to unite the community in support of education.

Our Lady of Charity is a just and inclusive community in which people from different cultural, ethnic, and racial backgrounds learn, live and work harmoniously with mutual respect and without compromising their beliefs and identities.

Commitment to Service

Students, parents and staff are filled with a time-honored devotion to the Catholic tradition. Together we share a common belief that we have each been created for a reason. As members of our faith community, we readily acknowledge God’s generous gifts as evidenced by the many talents and skills we unselfishly share in the Christian service of others.