Our Lady of Charity School is an Illinois State-recognized institution. All teachers are certified with a minimum of a Bachelor's Degree and several have Masters Degrees. 

OLC boasts a full academic curriculum. Subjects covered are Mathematics, Reading, Spelling, English, Social Studies, Science, and Religion.

Our Lady of Charity students engage in an innovative, inquiry-based learning curriculum for their science and social studies classes. Inquiry based learning units are in-depth studies of a particular topic or theme. Through inquiry-based learning, students take ownership over their own learning through research and the creation of a unique final product.

In addition, Art, Music, Technology, Library, and Physical Education are also part of the students' regular weekly study cycle.

Technology is integrated into the curriculum via our 30-unit, networked computer lab with a high-speed internet connection. Our Lady of Charity teachers are on the cutting edge of technology integration, and utilize iPads and Smartboard technology in their teaching.